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This Overbey Family History was originally compiled by Jackie Overbey of Chanute, KS, and is currently being researched and updated by Don Russell of Florissant, MO. This site is a partial history. To protect the privacy of our family members, we have only included information about the family up to the early 20th century. If you have Overbey geneology information to share, corrections or additions to this info, or would like get get a printed copy of the complete family history, including the later generations, additional information, clippings and photos, please email Don at qbdon@wmconnect.com. Or by phone: 314-831-8666.
1-2-4 James Martin Overbey & Laura Ann Drum Family

James M. Jim Overbey born 22 June 1852 near Anderson, Lauderdale Co, AL, son of Mariah B, Searles & William Overbey, Jim m. 5 Sep 1875, Greenfield, IL, Laura Ann Drum, b. 1 Feb 1856, Greene Co, IL, dau of Nancy Jane Wright, 6/1/1847, Greene Co, IL, 7/3/1912 & William Willy Drum, 6/5/1825, Greene Co, IL, 7/24/1908, both Greenfield, and sister of Gilly Drum who m. Jims brother William.Jim & Ann lived on several farms near Greenfield, IL. before they moved, with Thomas Overbey and his family, to a farm located in the Hedge College district located in Christian Co, IL. SW of Taylorville, IL. They lived in two houses from about 1895 until 1901 on the farm. The landowner, a Mr. Edwards, made it possible for Jim Overbey to rent the White Oak Farm. The famous White Oak Tree was across the road south from the house. They lived there until they moved to Kansas. They attended the Zenobia Baptist Mission held in the assembly hall over the Zenobia Store. On 12 Feb 1903 Jim, Ann and all their family including a new daughter in-law, Florence Flagg Sloman, wife of Alva, moved to a 320 acre farm, four miles E. and two miles S. of South Haven, Sumner Co, KS. A mile N. of the Oklahoma line. There was a two story house on the farm, in the middle of the section. It is told about Ann, that if she saw someone turn into the drive, she could have a chicken dressed and in the skillet before they got to the front gate, and would invite them to stay for a meal. Of course, that was in the horse and buggy days. In about 1923 the house burned to the ground. It was during a very cold spell and a fire had been built in the wood stove, in the dining room, evidently, while the family were outside doing the chores the fire started. Very little was saved from the house. A marble topped table was saved, because a leg had been broken on it and it was stored in the smoke house, also an old suit case of quilt pieces and a partly finished quilt top. The quilt top and pieces were sent to Ann when her mother Nancy died. Tim Overbey now has the quilt that his gr-gr-gr-grandmother had pieced. His grandmother Jackie quilted it for him. Anything else that was saved, Carl Overbey's children would have, since Carl and his family stayed on the farm. Jim d. 26 Aug 1927 while visiting his daughter Effie in Newkirk, OK, of cancer. Ann had a stroke and died 9 April 1937 at the home of Alva & Flo, near Valley Center, KS. Burial Rose Hill Cem, South Haven, KS. Note: the N bound rest stop on hwy I-35 just N of the Oklahoma line is on the Farm they owned. Six children:
1-2-4-1 A girl, b. and d. 15 Oct 1877 all near Greenfield, IL
1-2-4-2 Thomas Alva Al Overbey, b. 23 Sep 1879, d 12 Sep 1969
1-2-4-3 Ira Lee Overbey, b. 21 Mar 1884, d. 7 Mar 1963
1-2-4-4 Herbert Ray Overbey, b. 25 July 1889, d. 23 June 1952
1-2-4-5 Carl Raymond Overbey, b. 9 April 1893, d. 22 Dec 1964
1-2-4-6 Effie Naomi Overbey, b.29 Aug 1895, Christian Co, IL d. 18 April 1979

Thomas Alva Overbey Photo of Florence Flagg Sloman
Thomas Alva Overbey
Florence Flagg Sloman

Thomas Alva Overbey m. 11 Feb 1903 Zenobia Baptist Ch.White Oak, Montgomery Co, IL. Florence Flagg Sloman, b. 15 Feb 1879 Alton, Madison Co, IL., oldest dau of Adaline”Addie” Barry Flagg & Mark Sloman. Flo was six months old when her parents moved to their farm home at what was then called White Oak, IL. They both attended the Zenobia Baptist Ch. and were very active in the church. The next day after their wedding they were on their way to South Haven, KS. with his parents. In April, Alva and Flo rented a farm southeast of the home place. There three of their children were born. In 1910 after another crop failure, they moved to Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS. Alva worked at the Jett and Wood Wholesale Grocery. It was there that he was injured by a falling crate, his heart was moved from its proper place to the center of his body. He had heart trouble all his life. In 1911 they bought a home at 1706 South Water St. in Wichita, where their youngest daughter was born. Alva started work at Colman Lamp and Stove Co. in 1919 and retired after 30 years with them in 1949. Alva was superintendent of the South Lawrence Sunday School (now Emanuel Baptist Ch) for over twenty-four years. They helped the church to grow from a one room “sheep-shed” type of a building to a new brick building. In 1934, after Flo had a second stroke, Alva and Paul bought a five acre tract near Valley Center, with a five roomed house. Alva was a teacher and superintendant of the Valley Center Baptist Ch. for fifteen years. Flo was a wonderful Christian woman, with lots of patience in spite of the fact that she was on crutches. Because of health she did not attend church as often as she wanted, but she saw that the rest of her family attended. She had Polycthemia. Flo d. Oct 6, 1949. After three years of living alone Alva sold his 2 1/2 acres and moved into Wichita. He joined the Trinity Baptist Ch. where he met and m. Mary E. Smith in 1953. Alva d. Sep 12, 1969, 11 days before his 90th birthday. Mary d. Nov. 9, 1973. Alva & Flo are buried in Wichita Park Cem, Wichita, KS. (Click here for Sloman Family history information.) Four children:
1-2-4-2-1 Ruth Adaline Overbey, b. and d. Oct 7, 1905
1-2-4-2-2 Paul Ralph Overbey, b. June 26, 1907
1-2-4-2-3 Chester James Overbey, b. Sep. 19, 1908, d. July 26, 1910
1-2-4-2-4 Laura Mae Overbey, b. Oct. 30, 1912

Paul Overbey m. Aug, 19, 1928, Viola Lorena “Jackie” Baker, b. June 6, 1906, Fredonia, Wilson Co, KS. dau of Ida May Craven, b. 9-10-1887, d. 2- 4-1968 & Lewis Whitfield Baker, b. 10- 22-1878, d. 12-6-1959. Paul and Jackie bought their first home Oct. 30, 1928 at 1632 Palisade, Wichita, KS., where their sons were born. In October 1934, because of his mother’s illness, they bought 2 1/2 acres of land next to his parents 2 1/2 miles south and 1 mile east of Valley Center, KS. They lived together for two years and Paul started building his own home. He built the basement and because of the World War II it was never finished. No lumber was sold to build houses, so after a flood in 1944, they rented a farm 6 miles east of Valley Center. In May of 1946 they bought a 160 acre farm, 5 1/4 miles east of Douglass, Butler Co, KS. The farm had a big 8 roomed house on it, large enough for the two extra children they had at the time, Jackie’s niece and nephew, Barbara and Gary Baker. Just before school started that year their father and step-mother decided to take the children, although the court had given Jackie the custody when their father was drafted. It was a big heart break for her when she gave them up. In May of 1953 they leased a flower shop in Augusta after Paul had a heart attack and the doctor said he could not drive a tractor on the farm. He had worked at Colman Lamp Company and farmed but quit Coleman’s, thinking he would be a full-time farmer, after his sons had both married in 1951. He did odd jobs in Augusta until after he studied Interior Decorating then he worked at that for 20 years. Upon retiring they sold the flower shop and moved into a duplex for four years. Paul couldn’t retire in a town that liked his work so well, so they bought a big old two story house in Chanute, KS. They remodeled it into a very comfortable home. They joined the First Baptist Church, Kiwanis and Genealogy Clubs. Jackie really enjoyed writing family histories, keeping a nine-roomed house livable. They celebrated their 55th Wedding anniv. on Aug. 19, 1983. Jackie d. April 14, 1999, Augusta, KS. Paul d. Sep. 12, 1999 at Augusta, Butler Co, KS. Both are buried in the Wichita Park Cemetary, Wichita KS. 2 sons:
1-2-4-2-2-1 Donald Glenn Overbey, b. Sep. 1931
1-2-4-2-2-2 Thomas Lew Overbey, b. Sep. 1933

Don Overbey m. (1) 1951 Barbara Fell, (2) 1955 Eva Fowler, (3) 1964 Wilma Jeanne Johnson-Struble, a widow with three grown children, dau of Ann Calbert & Archie Johnson. Her children are Elsie Ann, John Allen and Paula Sue Struble. Don was employed with the Texas Air National Guard in Garland, Jeanne is retired and enjoying home living in Texas. A son.

Tom Overbey m. 1951, Betty Evelyn Schneider, in a double wedding with her brother, Howard Schneider and Patty Powers. Tom & Betty are retired and taking life easy. Three children.

Laura Mae Overbey m. 22 Aug 1935, Robert Edwin Eddy Killingsworth, b. 6 Sep 1911, Dunnigan, Dade Co, MO, d. 9 April 1994, son of Cora Pyle & Dr. Anderson Blake Killingsworth, who was a family doctor in Dade Co, MO. Laura Mae was a RN. She received her training from the Southwestern Osteopathic Hosp, in Wichita, KS. She was a nurse for awhile then was Supervisor of Student Nurses at Southwestern, She retired to have her family, planning to return to nursing when the children were all in school. Her health prevented her from completing her plans. She was ill for several years before her death 23 Sep 1970 on her father's birthday, just one year after his death. Eddie worked at Boeing Aircraft for several years. Laura & Ed, three children.


Ira Lee Overbey born 21 Mar 1884 near Greenfield, IL, m. Minnie Weekley, b. 27 Mar 1884 Portland, Sumner Co, KS. They farmed near Winfield, KS. Ira and Minnie were Baptists. Ira d. 7 Mar 1963, burial, Memorial Lawn Cem Winfield. Three children b. Winfield, KS:
1-2-4-3-1 Harold Weekley Overbey, b. 22 May 1908
1-2-4-3-2 Gilbert Edgar Overbey, b. 5 Mar 1911
1-2-4-3-3 Wanda Geraldine Overbey, b. 3 Jan 1919

Harold W. Overbey m. 2 April 1935, Mahattan, Riley Co, KS, Frances Louise Summers, b. 10 April 1906, Gypsum, Eagle Co, CO, d. 1 Jan 1960, Winfield, KS, dau of Anna Louise Strohm 4/3/1882-10/1/1907 & Adam Jesse Summers, d. 9/30/1957. Harold worked for the Crayola Co. in Winfield, KS. and Frances was a Nurse at Winfield Hosp. Harold d. 13 Jan 1987, burial, Highland Cem, Winfield. They were members of the First Baptist Ch. Harold was a faithful custodian of the church for many years. Six children b. Winfield, KS:
1-2-4-3-1-1 David Harold Overbey
1-2-4-3-1-2 Paul Michael Overbey, b. 17 April 1938, d. 20 Feb 1994
1-2-4-3-1-3 Phillip Gordon Overbey, b. 24 Oct 1940, d. 7 Feb 2012
1-2-4-3-1-4 Martha Frances Overbey
1-2-4-3-1-5 John Stephen Overbey
1-2-4-3-1-6 James William Overbey

Paul M. Overbey m. Quanhah Louise "Connie" Hill. They divorced. Paul d. 20 Feb 1994, burial Highland Cem, Winfield. Four children.

Gilbert Edgar Overbey m.(1) Eva Young. They divorced, he m. (2) Jennie Mineva Schussee, b. Oct. 1916 Newkirk, Kay Co, OK. d. 18 Aug 1993 near Wichita, KS, dau of Beulah Fern Moumce & Walter Hibbs Schussle. Mineva had a step-father, John Scroggin. They divorced in 1964. Gilbert was a mechanic and owned his own garage in Winfield, KS, for a number of years. Gilbert attended Winfield Baptist Ch. Gilbert was retired living in Burden, KS where he died 21 May 1977. He was also an employee of General Electric Corp. He & Eva had dau. Gilbert & Jennie had five children.
1-2-4-3-2-1 Patricia Overbey-Carmack
Gilbert & Jennie, five children:
1-2-4-3-2-2 Barbara Jean Overbey, b. Oct 1938, d. 22 Aug 2003
1-2-4-3-2-3 Gilbert Lee Gib Overbey, b. Sep 1940, d. 26 Feb 2010
1-2-4-3-2-4 Donald
1-2-4-3-2-5 Ronald
1-2-4-3-2-6 Carolyn

Barbara Overbey m.(1) Earl Still, they divorced, she m (2) Kenneth Dewayne Minor. They divorced. She m. (3) Mr Vann and lived in Kansas City, MO. Barbara d. 22 Aug 2002, burial, Memorial Lawn Cem, Arkansas City, KS. Barbara & Earl, three children.

Gilbert Lee Gib Overbey m.(1) June 1964 in KS, Ruth Pulis, She d. in an auto accident 30 Sep 1964. He m (2) June 1967 in KS, Betty Elster, divorced, 1974. He m. (3) Aug 1982 Macksville, Stafford Co, KS. Suzanne Sue Lime, b. 1947, they divorced. He m. [4] 1999, Gloria Francille Davis. Gib served in the US Army. Gib quit school to work in the oil fields but later he aquired his GED. He owned and operated Gib's Block and Stone Masonry in the Tennessee mountains. Gib d. 26 Feb 2010 at home, Tracy City. TN. Burial, Bryan Cem, Morrison, TN. Gib & Sue, a son.

R. Dean Overbey m (1) Winfield, KS, Sandra Ellen Edwards. They divorced. Dean & Sandra had a daughte. He m (2) Jo Anne Buell, a son: He m. (3) Sarah Hannah, They divorced, a daughter.

Wanda Overbey m. Dec 1941, Robert Lee Williams, b. 16 Mar 1911, d. 23 Sep 1977. Wanda worked for the Social and Rehabilitation in Winfield and retired in 1983. Robert served in the US Army in WW2. Wanda d. 29 Jun 1991 Winfield, KS. Burial, Highland Cem. Three children.
1-2-4-3-3-1 Roger
1-2-4-3-3-2 Bruce
1-2-4-3-3-3 Margaret

Roger Williams m. Sep. 1970, Linda Guree and divorced Dec 1970. He died 7 Sep 2017 Winfield, KS.

Margaret E. Williams m. May 1977, Randall Lee. Randy was a Correction Officer in the U.S. Army. He had been in Military Service since 1975. Margaret is a Nurses Aid. Margaret m.[2] Steven Showalter.

Just A Little
Give a little, live a little, try a little mirth: 2 It’s Up To Me
Sing a little, bring a little happiness to earth, Life itself can’t give me joy
Pray a little, play a little, be a little glad; Unless I really will it.
Rest a little, send a little to another’s door; Life just gives me time and space--
Give a little, live a little, love a little more! It’s up to me to fill it

Herbert Overbey family, left to right,
Leonard & Lloyd, Rebecca, Lois, Leland, Lila, Herbert Jr., and Leslie.

The twins.

Rebecca Overbey

Herbert Ray Overbey born 29 Jul 1889 near Greenfield, IL, m. 5 Jul 1912 Dora McManis, b. 12 Sep 1889, d. 5 Jul 1968, dau. of Clarinda Isabel Wilcox, 8-25-1859, Neoga IL, d. 10-10-1930 & John Charles McManis 10-17-1844, KY, d. 5-18-1905, both d. Wellington, KS. They lived on several farms in south eastern Kansas. South Haven, Latham, Winfield and in Wellington, KS. There the children went to High School. They moved to Rockford, IL. in the 1940’s and Herbert worked there as a carpenter. Herbert d. of cancer in Rockford 23 Jun 1952. Dora moved back to Wichita, KS. where they are both buried in Memorial Lawns Cem. Paul and I had a lot of good time with Aunt Dora and Uncle Herbert and their children. That was before the Big Depression and before we had a family. We liked to go to their farm so I could play with the twins and Paul and the older boys could go fishing. When Lois, Betty and the twins all started crying at once, I would go fishing, too. When the twins were about nine or ten months old, one of them fell out of the baby bed and cut his forehead on the broken milk bottle. Paul rushed Aunt Dora and the baby to the Doctor’s office and I looked after the rest of the children. Eight children:
1-2-4-4-1 Leslie Martin Overbey, b. June 22, 1913
1-2-4-4-2 Herbert Lee Overbey, b. Aug. 15, 1914
1-2-4-4-3 Lila May Overbey, b. March 6, 1920
1-2-4-4-4 Leland Eugene Overbey, b. Sep. 2, 1922
1-2-4-4-5 Lois Overbey, b. March 20, 1924
1-2-4-4-6 Rebecca Louise Overbey, b. March 31, 1927
1-2-4-4-7 Leonard Ray Overbey, b. Nov. 20, 1928, Wellington KS
1-2-4-4-8 Lloyd Ralph Overbey, b. 20 Nov 1928, Twin, d. 23 June 2010

Leslie Overbey m. 3 Mar 1940, Dorothy Mae Willis, b. 4 June 1920, Parsons, KS, d. 1 Aug 2002, Morrilton, Ark, burial. Grand View Cem, To Nieta G. Thompson & Wilbur R. Willis 4/27/1891-10/7/1963. No children of their own, but adopted two boys, brothers. Leslie died in a car wreck near in Leaf River, Ogle, IL, 14 Sep 1959, burial Chapel Hill Mem, Cem. Freeport, IL. Dorothy m. [2] William Carter Crawford.

Herbert Lee Overbey m. 29 May 1936, Edna Grace Higgins, b. 6 Mar 1919, Skull Valley, AZ. to Mable Irene Smith & Hugh Harvey Higgins. Edna d. 14 May 1967, Shreveport, LA, burial, Wellington, KS. Lee & Edna lived in University City, MO and Marjorie graduated from High School there. Lee was a sales manager for American Natl Insurance Co. He m. (2) 4 Nov 1967, Edith M. Vanpelt, b. 24 June 1917, d. 12 Aug 1999, St Francis Hosp, Memphis, TN. Lee d. 26 Nov 2005, Benton, Saline Co, AR. Lee & Edith, burial, Memory Hill Gardens, Memphis. A daughter;
1-2-4-4-2-1 Marjorie Lee

Lila May Overbey m. (1) May 29, 1936 Marvin Smith, the same day the Lee and Edna were married. Marvin d. Jan. 16, 1965. They had been divorced for several years. Lila m. (2) June 1964 Edmund Ast, b. 1924. Ed has a dau. Lila & Marvin had a daughter. Lila d. 12 June '08, Witchita, KS:

Leland Gene Overbey m. (1) Aug 1941 Malad City, UT, Barbara Angela Conley, May 1924, UT d. 5 May 2013, MT, dau of Mable Olson & Ora Dean Conley. They divorced Nov 1943, Ogden, UT. Gene m. (2) 18 July 1944, Leavenworth, City/Co, KS, Rita Therese Heitlinger b. 19 Jan 1926, Leavenworth, d. 25 June 2012 Tamarac, FL, to Anna Matilda Marie Flora & Adolph Heitlinger. Gene & Rita lived in Loves Park, IL until late 1960 when they moved to Miami, FL. Rita worked for a number of years as a waitress in a Sears Store in Miami. Gene was an Elevator mechanic working for the Otis Elevator Co. Gene retired April 1974 and they moved to Lake Placid, FL. Gene served in the US Army from Nov 1942-Nov 1945, Stationed in Ft Leavenworth, KS, England, France and Germany. Gene d. 17 May 2003, Lake Placid, FL. Gene & Barbara, a son. He was adopted by her second husband, his name is now Owen Kerbs.
1-2-4-4-4-1 Owen Eugene Overbey-Kerbs
Gene & Rita, three children:
1-2-4-4-4-2 Deanna
1-2-4-4-4-3 William
1-2-4-4-4-4 Lawrence

William Overbey died unmarried in an auto accident 15 April 1972 in Omaha, NE, while serving in the USAF.

Lois Overbey m. Aug 1943, Joe William Sutton, b. 13 May 1923 Melvern, Osage Co, KS, d. 27 Sep 1999, burial Wichita, KS, son of Jessie Schupp and Phillip Roy Sutton. Joe served in the US Army AF during WW 2, Joe did upholstering at Boeing Aircraft Co, for several years. Lois in the Office at Boeing. They lived in a big old house in Wichita, KS. Lois and Shirley live in Childersburg, AL Three children.
1-2-4-4-5-1 Shirley
1-2-4-4-5-2 Richard
1-2-4-4-5-3 Wynn

Rebecca “Betty” Overbey m.(1) March. 28, 1947, Meridian Ave Baptist Ch. with Rev. R.L. Woods officiating, Robert F. Dunkin, son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dunkin. They had a daughter. They divorced in 1951. Betty m. (2) Feb. 9,1956 Virgil Young. Betty d. of cancer Jan. 1, 1969, and Michael was put up for adoption.
Betty & Virgil had two children:

Leonard Ray Overbey m.[1] 20 June 1947, Belleville. St Clair Co, IL Delila Patricia Pat Mills b.15 May 1930, Black Oak, Craighead Co, AR, d. 28 July 1994, Benton, Saline Co, AR, dau of Sarah Petty & ___? Mills. Ray m. [2] Betty Carolyn Robinson, b. 6 Mar 1929, Lawrenceburg*, Lawrence Co, TN, d. 18 July 2006, Benton, Saline Co, AR, burial, Pinecrest Mem Cem. Ray served in the US Air Force from 2 Jan 1946 - 31 Jan 1966. Ray was employed at IBM Corp. in Alexander, AR. A daughter.
* Note Lawrenceburg is about 15 miles from Anderson Overbeys birthplace

Lloyd "Ralph" Overbey m. Margaret___? b.___?, d.___? Ralph enlisted "while still 16" in the U.S. Air Force from Sep 1945 til Sep 1965 and retired. He then worked as a Process Inspector for Atlantic Research Corp., makers of Solid Propellant Rocket Motor for the Military. They are also into communications, digital processors, coal slurry, etc. Ralph retired to Benton AR with his twin brother Leonard Ray. Ralph d. 23 June 2010, Benton Saline Co, AR. A daughter:
1-2-4-4-8-1 Lori Lee


Carl Raymond Overbey - Nellie Brittion Family

Carl Raymond Overbey b. 9 April 1893 near Greenfield, IL. He m. 25 April 1917 Fort Smith, AR, Helen Katherine Nellie Brittion, b. 27 Sep 1897 Sumner Co, KS, They settled on the farm with his parents, James & Ann Overbey. Jim was ill for several years with cancer. Carl & Nellie did all the farming. They lived on the farm until the estate was settled in the early 1930s. During the depression days it was impossible to keep up the payments on a farm. They moved to Hunnewell, KS. where Carl drove the school bus for several years. They moved to Blackwell, OK. when the children were ready to start to high school and Carl became custodian of the Public School System, until he died of cancer 22 Dec 1964. Nellie was in the Nursing Home in Blackwell for several years before she died 19 Feb 1977 at the age of seventy-nine. Burial Rose Hill Cem, South Haven, KS. Uncle Carl & Aunt Nellie made the best Home Made Ice Cream! Paul and I used to go to the farm, as often as we could, before the Big Depression, in The early 30s and before our family came along. We spent many happy weekends there on the farm with them and their children. Wilma was born just 9 days after we married and she was the first baby I ever changed diapers on. Six children:
1-2-4-5-1 Carl Raymond Overbey, II, b. 8 August 1918 all South Haven, Sumner Co, KS d. 1 July 2004
1-2-4-5-2 Mildred Eileen Overbey, b. 11 August 1921 d. 3 Jan 2013
1-2-4-5-3 James Robert Overbey, b. 28 August 1926 d. 6 April 1946
1-2-4-5-4 Wilma Esther Overbey, b. Aug. 28, 1928 d. 2 Oct 1999
1-2-4-5-5 Mary Ann Overbey, b. Dec. 10, 1932d. 25 Dec 1935
1-2-4-5-6 Donna Gene Overbey, b. April 1, 1935 Hunnewell, Sumner Co, KS

Carl Ray Overbey, Jr. was called Raymond as a boy but when he was in the US Army his name was changed to Carl. He m. 18 Sep 1944 in a Military wedding at Tyler, TX, Rita Lucille Sinnott, 27 Sep 1919, Chase, KS-27 Mar 2000, Fayetteville, AR. dau of Matilda Robinson & James Sinnott, They always lived in Blackwell, OK. Raymond had a very successful Auto Repair Shop on Main Street. Ray d. 1 July 2004. Burial Blackwell Cem. Nine children.
1-2-4-5-1-1 Cecelia
1-2-4-5-1-2 Robert
1-2-4-5-1-3 Teresa
1-2-4-5-1-4 Marion
1-2-4-5-1-5 Margaret
1-2-4-5-1-6 Linda Marie
1-2-4-5-1-7 Carl Raymond
1-2-4-5-1-8 James
1-2-4-5-1-9 Catherine

Robert L. Overbey never married. He went to college in Oklahoma City. He was an artist. He died in Kansas City while having an operation on 16 Oct 1987 He worked for the Blackwell Newspaper.

Mildred Eileen Overbey m. 18 May 1940. Handcock, WV, Milton Alphine Roberts, b. 5 Jan 1920, Saegertown, Crawford Co, PA, son of Elsie B. Seybert & William C. Roberts. He was a teacher and Principal of Red Lake Day School and White Cone Day School at Tonalea, AZ. for almost 14 years. He was in the U.S. Army for 13 years. He was flying a Cessna 150 practicing for his pilots license when he was killed at Camp Verde, AZ. 23 August 1975. He was Methodist. Mildred taught in Red Lake Day school for 9 years. She was a member of the Christian Church. As a child Mildred was called Eileen and that is what I still call her. Mildred m. 9 Oct. 1976, Pete King. Pete was a Contractor. They lived in Phoenix and Sun City, AZ. Pete d. 9 July 1981. Mildred d. 3 Jan 2013 at Home in Phoenix, AZ. Mildred & Milton, two sons:
1-2-4-5-2-1 Daniel
1-2-4-5-2-2 Robert

James Robert Overbey died 6 April 1946, soon after he graduated from High School at Hunneywell, Sumner Co, KS. Burial South Haven Cemetery.

Wilma Overbey m. July 3, 1947 Marvin Tobin, b. Dec. 12, 1922, d. Dec. 18, 1977. They lived in Ft. Smith, AR for many years, Wilma was a real estate Sales Associate. Wilma died in 1999 and is buried in Eufaula, OK Two children:

Mary Ann Overbey died at the age of three on Dec. 25, 1935. She is buried in South Haven Cem.

Donna Overbey m. June 1954, Blackwell, Kay Co, OK, Max Allen Wirtz, b. Aug 1935, Kay Co, OK son Of Lavina M. & Howe E. Wirtz. Donna was voted Beauty Queen in her senior year of HS at Blackwell, OK. She was a beautiful brown-eyed blonde. She now has dark brown hair, as so many of this line of Overbeys. Blond until they were in their early twenties and then their hair turns dark brown. Max served with the 45th Div in the Oklahoma ANG. In 2014 Max was elected the Mayor of Blackwell. Donna & Max celebrated their 60th wedding anniv at a church in Blackwell. Two dau:
1-2-4-5-6-1 Rebecca
1-2-4-5-6-2 Cynthia


It really pays to advertise. I had lost all track of the Emmet Walker family since 1977 when we had stopped in Denver, CO. to see them. We meaning, Paul, our grandson Tim and me. I sent in an article to the Capper’s Weekly, a neighbor of Jack and Verleen Johnstone read the article and told them about it. She knew that Jack was a nephew of Emmet Walker. Jack is a son of W. B. & Octavia Johnstone and Octavia was a sister of Emmet Walker. Verleen sent me Martin’s address. I was thrilled to get the address and from the quick answer, Martin was thrilled to hear from us. For over two years I had made inquiry after inquiry to different places in Denver, post office, telephone office and even police, but the answer was th same, no one lived in Denver by that name. In June of 1983 my Paul and I went to Denver and talked to different people to see if we could find the Walkers. No luck. Then I sent in the article and it came out in the September 8 issue.

Effie Naomi Overbey, b. 29 Aug 1895 on the farm in Montgomery Co, IL. m. 5 Oct 1915, John “Emmett” Walker, d. 9 Apr 1980 in Ingram, Kerr Co, TX, funeral was held in Newkirk, OK. Son of Martha Harvison and John S. Walker who were pioneer settlers in Kerr Co. (J.S. Walker was a foreman on the famous WO Ranch near Kerrville, where he died of a gunshot wound following a fence dispute!) Emmett started working at Jett and Wood Wholesale Grocery. Their first son was b. in Wichita, KS. in the home of Alva and Flo Overbey. Emmett then started working as an oil field rig builder and later became a driller in the oil fields of OK. and KS. for many years. He farmed in south central Kansas when not on a job. He was working as a driller in Hays, KS. in Feb. 1936 when the dynamite he was tamping into the frozen ground blew up and hit him in the face. He lost the sight of one eye. Alva and Paul Overbey went to Hays to be with them at that time. It was 6 below zero, and in those days they drove a car with no heater, and the wind chill was really cold. Emmett and his son Martin worked together in the oil fields near Longmont, CO. for a time. Emmett and Naomi moved back to Newkirk, OK where he worked part-time as a road maintainer for Kay Co, OK. Naomi was a wife who followed her husband to the oil fields, whenever she could, or stayed on a farm and ran it until he came home. Emmett was a tall handsome blond and Naomi was a beautiful young woman, with brown eyes and black hair when I first met them in 1928. Naomi d. 18 Apr 1979. Both buried in the Rose Hill Cem., South Haven, Sumner Co, KS. Four children:
1-2-4-6-1 John Martin JM Walker, b. 14 Jul 1916 Wichita, Sedgwick, Co, KS.
1-2-4-6-2 Naomi Ruth Walker, b. 12 Jan 1918 South Haven, Sumner Co, KS, d. 7 July 1920
1-2-4-6-3 Evelyn Lorene Walker, b. 5 Nov 1920
1-2-4-6-4 Joe Emmett Walker, b. 20 Nov 1935 Great Bend, Barton Co, KS d. 7 May 1957 Longmont, CO.

Martin "JM" Walker m. 1 May 1939 Lorna Elizabeth Overhold, b. 20 Apr 1917 Ellinwood, Barton Co, KS, d. 29 Jul 1967 Denver, burial Commerce City, CO. She graduated from grade & high school in Ellinwood then went to Emporia State Teachers College in Emporia, KS. Martin was living in Great Bend, KS. when they met. Lorna was teaching music in the rural schools at the time of their marriage. In later years she taught piano and organ in their home. She was the Christian Church Organist in Longmont, CO, until they moved to Denver in 1966. He was an auto mechanic for 35 years and worked in the oil fields for about 13 years. After Lorna died Martin was alone until he m.(2) Oct. 7, 1971 at Denver CO. Elizabeth VanHorn, born in Burma, dau. of Alice Owells & Clarence VanHorn who were missionaries in Burma. Her father was also a Math teacher at Rangoon College in Burma. Elizabeth is a retired School teacher. She has a dau. and a grandson by her first marriage. Martin retired to Kerrville, TX, where he enjoyed fishing as much as he could. Martin d. April 15, 1993, Kerrville, TX, his ashes were spread on his favorite fishing spots in beautiful Pouder Canyon, CO. Elizabeth moved back to the west coast with her daughter after JM passed and was living in Portland [Multnomah Co.], Oregon when she died on Nov. 15, 2004. Martin and Lorna had four children:
1-2-4-6-1-1 Judith
1-2-4-6-1-2 Bairn
1-2-4-6-1-3 Constance
1-2-4-6-1-4 Lorance

Evelyn Lorene Walker m.(1) 25 Feb 1942, Ponca City, Kay Co, OK, John Kyle LeMaster. They divorced. Evelyn m. (2) 23 May 1954, Longmont, Boulder Co, CO, Hugh LeRex Rex Bateman, b. 17 April 1904, Seymour, Wayne Co, IA, d. 8 Nov 1969, Longmont, CO, son of Leah Elizabeth Eckles & Joseph Bateman. Rex was a building inspector and they both belonged to the Nazarene Ch. Evelyn was a secretary, living in KS., OK., Co, TX. & Weiser, ID. Evelyn d. 31 Jan 2003, Weiser, Washington Co, ID, on her daughters birthday.
Evelyn & Kyle, A dau, Evelyn & Rex, two children;
1-2-4-6-3-1 Carolyn Ruth
1-2-4-6-3-2 Lea Ann
1-2-4-6-3-3 Curtis

Louvicy Jane Overbey was born 4 June 1854, in Lauderdale Co. AL. She was known by all her family as Aunt Sis. She was m.(1) 1 Feb 1871, Dewitt Co, IL, Alexander Arthington. They divorced and she m. (2) 15 Jan 1885,
Dewitt Co, IL, Henry Steele, b. Sep 1939, IN. Someone in the family said she died in the Quincy County Veteran's Home but they have no record of her death there. No record of her ever being there. I wrote to several other Veteran's Homes and did not find where she died or when. She did have seven children:
1-2-5-1 Jonathon W Arthington, b 15 Dec 1871, 4 Oct 1919, IL
1-2-5-2 David E. Arthington, b 1874 IL--??
1-2-5-3 Edna May Arthington, b--?? m. 20 Oct 1897 in Greene Co, IL Marshall Perry Cozadd, b.12 Jan 1872, d 10 Oct 1917, Wood River, IL
1-2-5-4 William Arthington
1-2-5-5 Eddie Arthington, b. Oct 1880 IL
1-2-5-6 Ora Henry Steele,
1-2-5-7 Lester Steele, b. 1895, IL

Jonathon W Arthington m. 1895, Il, Martha A. Odell, b. Aug 1876, Il. d. 1920
1-2-5-1-1 Leota Bertha Arthington b 1897 IL
1-2-5-1-2 Homer Leroy Arthington, b.16 July 1898
1-2-5-1-3 Dora M. Arthington, b. 1903
1-2-5-1-4 Verna M. Arthington, b. 1907
1-2-5-1-5 Ora C. Arthington, b. 1908
1-2-5-1-6 Harold Arthington, b. Mar 1810
Note there are some Arthington graves in Crum Cemetery in DeWitt Co, IL

Lester Steele m. IL Mary M.__? b. 1885. Lived in Wapella, IL. A son 1920 census
1-2-5-7-1 Lester Henry Steele

With more time and more money I might have been able to have found out more about the Arthington and Steele families but maybe after this is printed someone will come up with some information and send it to me.

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But eternity is in it.

Henry Searles Family

Henry Searles was the father of Mariah Searles-Overbey. He m. Ann Beasley, daughter of Jesse Fendal Beasley, a very wealthy plantation owner in Giles County, TN. In 1975 I received a letter from Nelle J. Smith of Pulaski, Tennessee and she gave me a lot of information about the Beasley’s. Quoting from her letter, “Goodsprings is a small community west of Pulaski and near Lawrence Co. TN. line. That is the area where Surles (Searles) (Surls) settled and some of the family are buried in the Cemetery there. When I was growing up, Willis Surles had married Willie McMasters. The McMasters lived here at Aspen Hill and I used to play with the Surls grandchildren when they visited Ma and Pa McMasters. Goodsprings isn’t near a “waterway” so the family must have gone into north Alabama before 1850 as I do not find them in the Giles Co. Census. Muscle Shoals is about 69-70 miles south of Goodsprings and would probably have been where they started by boat, going on the Tennessee River up through Tenn. to KY line and to the Ohio River above Cairo. I am working with my brother-in-law on the Beasley line. In Deed Book B. page 93--300 acres, reg. 11, July 1811. Land on both sides of Richland Creek bounded by Captain John Yancy--from Richland Hightower to Jess Beasley.--Records show Jessee Beasley made deed of gift to his son William M. Beasley (Beasley girls still live on the old place). Other records show Jesse Beasley children: Burton Beasley, Fendall Beasley, William M. Beasley and Jane or Ann married Henry Searls”.

May term of Court--Minute Book for 1829--Henry Sirl (Surles) (Searles) recorded as guardian of his children: Mariah B., Susan B., Nancy E., Mahala and Francis M. for purpose of receiving their share of Grandfather Jesse Beasley’s estate. note; (Their mother must have died and he filed to receive their share. If the mother had been alive this would not have been necessary.) Henry Searls married 2nd Anna Barber before 1828.

I hope this will help. Most of the families that came about the time Jesse Beasley did were from North Carolina and settled in the same area.”

As we know William and Mariah Overbey came up the Tennessee River. & Mississippi River to Alton, IL. where William is buried, But I believe James and Elizabeth did go up the Tennessee River.

(I received a letter from a descendant of James Serles, J88, brother of Mariah, and he gave me the name Rebecca for the wife of Jesse Fendal Beasley. Thank you Gary Phillips, Rt 3, Box 146, Edmonton, KY 42129. Sept. 3, 1983)

Giles County, Tennessee Federal Census 1850, Dis. 6, Goodsprings area.
45 Henry Searls 55m $2500 born Tenn.
Anna 50f Tenn.
James A. 16 m Tenn.
Rebecca H. 14 f Tenn.
William F. 13 m Tenn.
Lucinda E. 10 f Tenn.

44 Henry W. Searls 22 m Tenn.
Martha J. 16 f Tenn.

Dist. #2 Aspen Hill
12 Frances Surls 23 m Tenn.
Sarah E. 19 f Tenn.
John T. 6/12 m Tenn.

Family of Henry Searles and Ann Beasley
Mariah B. b Feb. 15, 1819 Goodsprings, Giles Co.
Susan B. b 1821
Nancy E. b 1823
Mahala b 1825
Frances M. b 1827
Henry married Anna Barbar
Sarah E. 1831
James A. 1834
Rebecca H. 1836
William 1837
Lucinda 1840

This is a copy of the 2nd letter from Nelle J. Smith of Pulaski, TN.

“Dear Mrs. Overbey:
I’m not working on an Overbey line but will be glad to receive any data you think would be of help in my search. I’ve set up a folder for you and will keep in touch in case I find anything. I’ve checked Giles Co. census for 1820 and found no Overbey: 1830 Tenn. Census shows one Overby in White Co, which is two Counties to the east. I do know several families that came from White Co. to Giles Co. by 1835. Crabb, (my) Roger and Related families. They were in Giles County in the southwest corner and some went into Lawrence Co, TN. and Lauderdale Co, AL., you might check Lauderdale Co, AL., and I have already checked Lawrence Co, TN. for 1850 and didn’t find anything. I’ve also checked Lawrence Co. AL. 1850 Census and find no OVERBEY.
Goodsprings is a small community west of Pulaski and near Lawrence Co. TN. Line. That is area where Surles, Searls, settled and some of the family are buried in the Cemetery there. When I was growing up Willis Surles had grandchildren I played with.”

After receiving these two letter I started checking out 1850 Census Micro-film records of North Carolina. I finally found this in Wake County, Panther Branch Dist.

Martin age 60 Shoe maker and farmer b NC
Sarah 60
Martha 20
Martin 18
Mary 22
35 John 25 Farmer
Catherine 37
D.H. 2
Sarah E. 1
36 Gideon 28 Farmer
Lucetta 19
James Q. 1
124 Edward 38 Blacksmith
Edith 49
Martha 12
Washington 17
James 10
Angeline 8
Elizabeth 5

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